Why More Businesses Are Using Unified Communications Solutions

Unified Communications

It is said that communication is key and effective communication is the gateway to success. A company may grow or fall due to or lack of good communication within the organization and with the customers. Unified Communications is an essential tool in every organization that makes communication easier and simpler. Unified communications is a solution that integrates different communication tools into one connection.

The success and growth of a company is highly dependent on its team functionality which is spearheaded by constant communication. At to achieve this, they need a well established communication channel to be able to reach out to clients and vice versa.

Unified communications is a very useful tool that has made communication flawless especially with the work from home new norm. It also comes with a few more advantages hence most companies both big and small have adapted and largely invested on.

Here is why your business too should consider unified communications.

Cost Reduction

Unified communications allows affordable yet quality communication solutions. Phone bills can be quite high especially when you regularly communicate with clients and customers. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, there is a customized and flexible package to accommodate everyone. As time goes by, and your company expands, unified communications will expand with you to your capabilities.
With the same platform, you are able to make free in-office calls, seamless video conferences, reduced outbound call charges and integrate emails.

Effortlessly Connect With Customers

Too many calls may cause congestions in the communication lines making some of the calls drop. Also, with numerous telephone lines for a single company, it is difficult for clients to get in touch with you. This reflects bad on a company and the customer care department.
However, unified communications solutions synchronizes your contacts, streamline all incoming calls, keeps records and allows tracking of calls for customer satisfaction.

Improved Collaboration

Unified communications enables you to take your communication extension with you everywhere. With apps available, you are guaranteed to be kept in the loop at every moment in time. You do not have to travel to visit the client or always walk into the office for in-house meetings. UC allows you to work from anywhere. Besides that, customers can instantly reach you directly from your website or social media platforms with the live chat and social media integration.

Increased revenue

Unified communication allows your business to improve the sales process due to the seamless communication with clients and great customer service. Overall good communication experience from phone calls to emails to social media responses ultimately drives more revenue for your organization.


Crystal Technologies offers Unified Communication solutions/tools that help you foster impactful conversations in the workplace across different channels in real time enabling more collaboration and productivity. The result from this is transformation of your business communication and collaboration amplifying customer service, employee satisfaction, overall output, and business performance.

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