Professional Web Design Services in Kenya

We offer premier web design services in Kenya to help brands like yours establish presence online with an attractive and engaging website. Don’t be left behind as your competitors leverage the power of the web to get more customers and increase their profits. Position your brand in the digital space to get more visibility and reach more customers.

Crystal Technologies is a leading web design company in Kenya helping brands to build compelling digital presence with websites. Our focus is to help more brands to be visible online to their customers, and get more results. We achieve this through our custom web design services which involve creating customer-centric websites that effectively engage potential customers and capture new leads.

Having been in the web design industry in Kenya since 2013, we know what works and what doesn’t work. We’ve worked with both and large companies enabling them to build a strong online brand identity. Their online success is a testament to our reputation as a one-of-a-kind web design company in Kenya.

We know creating websites is not enough; but building them with the customer in mind is. This is what separates us from other web designers in Kenya. Crystal Technologies Limited is also committed to applying best web design practices to make unique and highly converting websites that brings your results. And majority of clients getting more visibility and leads with our custom websites, why wouldn’t you want to try our web design services?

We know the value of websites as lead generation of channels. As such, we focus on helping our customers attract more traffic and generate more leads through their tailored websites. Having helped dozens of Kenyan brands grow their sales with websites, we believe we are the perfect-fit web design company. And with our web design services customized to your needs, you can expect a highly effective website that will:

  1. Boost your brand visibility: Your brand will be more visible to your target audience searching for your products or services
  2. More traffic: You will get targeted traffic to your sites increasing your brand awareness
  3. Generate leads and conversions: Your brand will engage more potential customers with an amazing website
  4. Build brand trust and authority: More customers visiting your website will trust and love your brand
Website Design in Kenya


We emphasize building websites that offer the best user experience to your visitors leading to better results for your brand. Our web design services incorporate your needs and connect them with the goals of your target audience. The end-result is a unique and appealing website that captivates and engages your customers.


We have a professional team that can deliver the results you need. At Crystal Tech, we leverage an agile approach to connect with our clients’ needs early in the project. Our web design services incorporate collaboration with clients to ensure their requirements are met. We’re keen to discover and integrate the specific needs of our client into our projects. This enables us to produce flexible and unique websites that stand out from the rest.

We build websites that are:


Our web design services incorporates Responsive Web Design (RWD) approach to craft websites that can be optimally viewed in various devices. Visitors accessing your site from different devices enjoy easy reading and navigation.

Optimized for Search

We don’t just do web design. Our web design services prioritize making your site visible to your target audience on search engines. We apply SEO best practices when developing websites to ensure your brand gets the visibility it deserves.


We build websites that not only meet your needs but also serve your customers’ goals. Connecting the two during the development process delivers an appealing website with fast loading speeds offering the best user experience to your visitors.

Bring Your Brand Online With a Custom Website.