virtualization solutions in kenya


Tight budgets are pushing organizations to the limits. IT departments in many of the organizations are constrained by the limited resources and have to do more with less. In you organization, IT executives try to reduce costs through automation. But this may not be helpful if most of your tasks are resource-intensive.

However, virtualization offers you a cost-efficient and effective strategy to scale your operations while keeping costs at a minimum.  Custom virtualization solutions are key in helping you to maximize utilization of your IT infrastructure. As one of the leading provider of virtualization solutions, Crystal Technologies is well placed to offer you virtualization solutions that address the business and IT infrastructure needs.

Our virtualized physical and cloud offerings are capable of addressing your scalability and business continuity issues. Whether you need to enhance your IT efficiency or cut costs of your IT operations, we can be the virtualization partner to help you. Our process starts on evaluating the perfect-fit virtualization solution for your organization and tailoring it to deliver what you expect. This enables to deliver a solution that will give your business an edge and enhance your capability to scale for more business.

As your infrastructure needs grow, you’ll faces challenges in organizing your IT assets. That’s why you need to consolidate your data centers to mitigate risk and optimize efficiency while enhancing performance. Crystal Technologies Limited can help you strategize and setup a robust data center that optimize your infrastructure to meet your business needs. Our data center solutions are interoperable and are evolved into virtualized data-center architecture to ensure robust security, proper virtualization, and storage of your sensitive data.

Features Include:
– Server Consolidation.
– Software Defined Data center
– Disaster Recovery.
– Virtualization and Cloud Management.
– Business Continuity

Crystal Tech’s Cloud solutions helps businesses achieve better IT governance, greater operational efficiency, and seamless integration of IT assets across the infrastructure. We help you to define and deploy robust and automated cloud management systems that can be leveraged to realize your business objectives. This enables you to run your business with ease and gain an edge over your rivals. If you want to redraw your competitive strategy, you should consider cloud management platform.


– Simple configuration management

– Inter-operable across multiple platforms and providers

– Scalable/Frequent updates

– Automation

As many businesses shifts to user-centric computing, cloud solutions and application virtualization have become more critical. Their growing popularity is mainly due to proliferation of consumer devices and continually growing demands for mobility. Changing your desktop model to cloud model offers your businesses more benefits. With application virtualization, you get offer users faster application delivery.  This can help you cut IT costs by up to 60%.
– Robust Application and User Management.
– Reduce IT costs

Simplify delivery of desktops with VMware. If you want to drive down costs and enhance user acceptance, desktop virtualization is your best bet. VMWare workstation helps you optimize performance of your corporate desktops and improve productivity. At Crystal Technologies Limited, we offer personal desktop virtualization solutions aimed at helping streamlining your business operations with seamless protection and management of your desktops and on-premises applications.

Some of the benefits of this solution include:
– Run windows on a Mac (without rebooting).
– Run Linux on Windows or Mac (without rebooting).
– Reduce laptop management costs.
– Focus on the applications that matter.
– Access desktops from anywhere, even offline.
– Enforce time-based restrictions.
– Enforce desktop isolation.