Custom Business Software Development

“Automate your businesses processes and achieve the operational efficiency you desire”

Are you spending too much time on activities that could be easily automated? Think of: data management, ticket booking, or sales management. Do you know these activities could be automated with a simple but robust business application? Yes. With our customer-oriented software development service, we can help you automate various tasks that give you a headache.

At Crystal Tech, we offer a comprehensive custom business software development service to our clients. We develop a range of business applications and tailor them to align with your needs. This means you get a software that will help you achieve your goals. Whether you are a company or an institution, we have the perfect solution for you. With our custom applications, you can expect to:

  • Reduce operating costs: No more additional staff for tasks that can be automated
  • Improve operational efficiency: Minimize tasks errors
  • Provide customers with more value: Get customers’ projects done in time

Why Choose Us

Crystal Technologies prides itself in being one of the leading software development companies in Kenya. We have a history of developing quality business applications that offer our clients more scalability and flexibility to tackle modern business challenges. Our top-notch custom business applications have designed to help you achieve more. Most of our clients who have accomplished their business goals through our solutions can attest to this.  We also have have a stellar team that have an in-depth knowledge in software development and its best practices.They assess your needs and turn them into an enterprise software giving you an edge over your competitors.

Software development service

Our Solutions Include

At Crystal Technologies, we know that process automation is key to improving efficiency and workflow. Our expertise in software engineering ensures we create an automation application that works for your business. We have developed several solutions to help businesses reduce costs. With our flexible and tailored process automation solutions, you can increase throughput while reducing risk and costs.

We’ve enabled many companies in Kenya to improve their operations with our custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Our solution helps businesses automate various key business functions and spark more productivity, while delivering essential insight you can leverage rapidly respond to emerging trends. With our ERP system, businesses in a range of industries can achieve the operational excellence they desire.

Struggling to monitor financial transactions in your business? We have the right solution you need. Our custom Point-Of-Sale (POS) retail system is designed to help retailers and business owners like you. It comes with a range of essential features such as inventory control, purchase management, billing, and financial accounting. It’s easy to use and offers you the flexibility you need to manage sales.

With our booking management system, travel companies have a perfect solution to streamline their workflow and increase their efficiency. Our solution is customized to give businesses a comprehensive and easy-to use system for managing bookings. This means you can efficiently plan your resources to reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction. It’s a win-win situation for you and your customers.

Crystal Tech has a comprehensive hospital management system designed to meet the needs of modern healthcare centers. Our system has various modules that help to automate various key hospital functions. We customize it to handle all business processes and empower staff to stimulate productivity and increase efficiency.

Managing school activities can be challenging but it needn’t be. With our school management system, you have a stable and comprehensive tool that can manage all key school functions. The system has various modules designed to help you efficiently perform activities such as data management, control access level, among others. We can include more features and customization depending on the needs of your educational institution. What’s more, we offer support to ensure you get the system up and running in no time.

Are you struggling to grow your sales? With an online presence, you can get more visibility among your target audience and increase your sales. We create ecommerce platforms to help people businesses like yours to get traffic online and skyrocket their sales. Our custom e-commerce software is integrated with your in-store system to allow real-time updates. You can easily monitor sales as customers purchase online and automatically receive invoice. With this ecommerce software, you are guaranteed of increased customer satisfaction and significant cost reduction.