“Trusted Server Solutions: Server Installation, Maintenance, And Support”

Online presence matters but maintaining it can be costly. For business organizations dependent on their websites, it is essential to have a server. With your own server, you can cut costs of maintaining your brand online and take control of your key business functions. Growing business challenges are one of the key reason many businesses are investing in servers.

Server solutions tailored to your needs give you an edge over your rivals and enable you to be adaptive to the continually changing market landscape. At Crystal Technologies, we offer custom server solutions designed to help you to scale their business.

Server Installation

If you want to setup a server in your business, we are the go-to company. Our team of professionals can help you install and configure your server to integrate with the existing IT infrastructure and align with your business requirements.

What we do:

  • Microsoft and Linux Server Installation
  • Active Directory and Configuration
  • Server and Database Migration
  • Business Application Installation

Our team provides the expertise and management while you stay in complete control of your data.

Server Maintenance and support

Server problems are inevitable and can incur a lot of losses. But you don’t always have to worry about one of your servers crashing. With our robust server maintenance and support, you can significantly reduce server downtime while meeting your operational goals. You can do more with our server solution including:

  • Extend the lifetime of your server equipment
  • Reduce server costs by up to 40%
  • Significantly increase workplace productivity
  • Reduce downtime and frustration

Our Process

To ensure you get a perfect-fit solution, we focus on listening your needs to understand the underlying problem. Next, we analyze your requirements and perform a server evaluation.This ensures we get a clear overview of your infrastructure and what will fit best.
Having done a thorough analysis, we quote a customized server solution and then go ahead to install/configure/maintain an onsite server or virtual server.

Why Us

We provide server solutions optimized to safeguard your data against emerging threats. Our solutions meet modern business challenges and are key in enhancing workflow. Whether you need mission critical servers or cloud servers, our stable and highly scalable server solutions are the right choice.
They maximize operational efficiency and flexibility through automation and help you to focus on your key business functions.