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Before you hire a company to design your business website, there are several questions you should ask. You don’t want to burn your fingers by trusting an unprofessional company that ends up delivering mediocre work. This can happen and has happened to those who don’t consider key factors before making an informed decision.

Now, while you deliberate which Kenyan Web Design company to hire, you should ask the following:

How long have you been in business?

Experience is key in web design. A company that has been in the web design industry for several years and has delivered quality work is worth a try. You can verify a company’s experience by checking its portfolio. How does it clients’ websites look? Does it have happy clients? If the portfolio is appealing and professional, the company has the experience needed to handle your website.

Can you develop responsive and search-engine friendly websites?

Responsive Web DesignResponsive websites have become a necessity with the rapid adoption of smartphones. Today, over 50% of all web searches are done on mobile. Thus, having a responsive website should be a priority. You should assess whether a company can develop websites responsive in all devices and are compatible with most of the mainstream browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. Also, the company should have in-depth knowledge of SEO best practices in web design. This is key if you want your website to rank well on various search engines.

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What is your estimated timeline to build the website?

Many clients want quality and well-optimized websites in the shortest time possible. However, this can be problematic. The timeline for completing a website project depends on the project scope. A blog would take a shorter time to complete than an e-commerce site. There should be an understanding between you and the web design company on the project timeline.

Does your web design service include graphic design?

Visuals are core components in web design. They play an essential role in building brand identity. It’s advisable for the visual graphics to be done during the web development process. This helps in maintaining uniformity across the website. You should check if the web design package offered comes with graphic design services.

Do you offer web hosting and domain registration services?

Designing a website is not the end of the journey. You have to publish it online to be visible to the world. To do this, you need a domain and web host. As such, you should confirm that your company of choice offers domain registration and hosting services. A company with these services saves you from the inconveniences of working with a third-party to host your website.

What do you need to get started?

Before the web design process begins, you should have all the requirements needed. This is extremely important if you want to get a website that meets your expectations. Your requirements should include your target audience, content (if necessary), and links to sites you want the web company to use as a reference.

Will I see the website during development?

Changes are inevitable during the development process. That’s why it is important for a company to keep you updated on their progress. You should be given access to the website being developed to determine whether the progress is good and request changes.

How do you price your service?

As the customer, you have to get value for the service you get. A web design company should be clear on how it prices its web design services. Since prices vary with project scope, you should engage with the company to determine their charges for the services provided.

What results can I expect after the project is complete?

Last but not least, a web design company should clarify how your website will help your business. Emphasis should not just be placed on developing a website. There has to be a strategic approach to optimizing the site to help you achieve your business objectives. This means the website should be designed to put your brand on the map, bring more traffic, and generate leads.

Your new website should help your business achieve sustainable growth. It’s important for the web design company you choose to play an instrumental role in accomplishing this. With these questions in mind, you can make an informed decision and partner with the right company to get the results you need.


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