Growing sales in the modern day requires one to go beyond the traditional marketing methods. You have to tap emerging technology to overcome current business hurdles. With the growth of ecommerce, you have a great opportunity to scale your business, serve more customers, and meet your business growths. However, you need to have flexible payment modes and effective customer engagement strategy in order to succeed. That’s why you need to integrate payment tools in your site for easy payment and bulk SMS options to enhance customer engagement.

Presently our integration solutions comprises of:

Payment Integration

At Crystal Tech, we offer custom payment integration service aimed at optimizing user experience on site. Our payment integration service is ideal for businesses that have e-commerce websites and want to offer multiple payment options. We make it easy for your business to accept payments through PayPal or MPESA. With this service, you can expect:

  • Large Global reach: Make it easy for customers by accepting major payment methods
  • Increase in sales: More payment options means more flexibility for customers
  • High customer-retention rates: Customers come back to buy more
  • Advanced Fraud Detection: Worry less about fraud with a robust security defense applied to your site

SMS Integration

Bulk SMS Kenya
Do you want to re-engage your customers or advertise your business to a specific target audience? Bulk SMS is an easy but effective way of reaching your consumers. You can personalize your message to influence the recipients and persuade them to take an action such as visit your website or storefront. Whether you want to send a single message to an important client or blast bulk SMS to many people, we have tailored solutions to meet your needs.

With bulk SMS, you can:

  • Easily engage with many people: Two-way SMS communication
  • Schedule messages: Send messages whenever you want
  • Minimize costs: SMS are much cheaper compared to calls
  • Get high open rates: More people are likely to read an SMS than emails