Talk directly to your WordPress visitors with 3CX Live Chat and Talk to boost your leads conversion rate. When you engage customers the moment they visit your site, they are more likely to converse with you and become customers. With this plugin, you can amplify your visitor engagement leading to more leads.

Boost Site Engagement With 3CX Live Chat and Talk plugin

The 3CX Live Chat and Talk plugin enables you to talk and chat with your WordPress site visitors. It comes with advanced in-built tools and features designed to ease communication with potential leads including forwarding calls to your 3CX phone system. For example, it includes a Webinar feature which allows you to display your live videos on your website giving your business more exposure.

Besides the features, the plugin is easy to install and configure. It integrates well with WordPress and you can customize it to your requirements even without development knowledge. You can also configure the security settings to limit the number of requests per IP address. This is key to restricting the number of incoming unreplied chats and keeping your communication channel unclogged.

Additionaly, the 3CX Live Chat and Talk plugin provides essential addon functionality such as:

  • Phone call or chat mode
  • Live Chat window title. You can customize your live chat window
  • Chat welcome message displayed to visitors
  • Sender name: the name of the message sender as seen by visitors
  • Video call: You can allow visitors to initiate video call instead of an audio call
  • User Identification form: Ask visitors for their name or email before initiating a call/chat session

Upgrade your site engagement game with 3CX Live Chat and Talk plugin to capture more leads and grow your sales. By easing onsite communication, you can make your business more appealing to visitors and influence their purchasing decision.

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