Secure VPS

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the ideal solution if your needs are not met by shared hosting. We offer robust VPS server hosting to help you scale your online operations with ease. Our VPS hosting solution is reliable, fast, and tailored to help clients who need to enhance their websites or launch web apps. You are given full access to the server. This means you can control your server, install third party software and customize any settings.

With our high-performance VPS servers, your websites can handle high traffic without downtime. All computing resources will be available at all times. Your clients will always enjoy an optimal user experience while using your web apps. We also provide extra computing resources such as CPU, memory, among others to help you scale as your demands continue to grow.

Flexibility: You have full root access which gives you total control of the hosting environment. You can install custom or third party scripts or software.

Premium Support: Our customer support team is available 24/7 via telephone, chat, and email to answer your questions.

Functionality: Our VPS servers comes with advanced features such as FTP accounts, email addresses, ability to host unlimited domains, etc.

Variety of Tools: All VPS hosting packages come with a wide selection of tools including site development tools, website templates, and a script installer.

Robust Infrastructure: Our VPS solutions are built on cutting-edge technology for near instant provisioning, better flexibility and control.

Site Backup: To ensure your data and website is safe, we frequently perform site backups. This ensures data availability in case of crashes or errors.