Crystal Point of Sale (POS) System will help you grow your retail business.

Sell more online and in-store

Crystal POS is a beautifully designed point of sale system that makes it easy to sell your products and keep your customers coming back for more. The system makes it easy to manage all your inventory and customer profiles from one place. You can rely on it to fulfill orders easily.

Get Paid Quickly

Crystal POS makes it easy to get paid. You can accept any type of payment including taking deposits, partial payments, etc. You can also accept credit & debit cards as well as mobile payments from major providers.

Easy Inventory Management

Whether you sell one product or thousand products, with Crystal POS, you can easily manage your catalog. Easily add retail prices, discounts, and perform bulk operations in seconds. You can group products by size or color, put them in product bundles, etc. Our POS system removes the pain of managing stock.

Reach more customers. Get more repeat purchase

Repeat customers are the lifeline of your retail business. Crystal POS is mobile and can be easily setup at different parts of your shop to reduce the queues and enhance engagement with customers. You can also build a loyalty program and offer customers incentives to keep them coming back.