Crystal Hospital Management System offers you comprehensive functionality to manage processes within a hospital or medical centre. The system guarantees your data quality throughout the interaction, from patient registration to patient discharge. All data will be accurate, giving your clarity of the hospital performance as well as key performance indicators.


Patient Administration System: The Crystal Patient Administration System (CPAS) manages patient data, make it simple to add new patient records, keep the data accessible and updated while preventing data redundancy.

InPatients: CPAS simplifies the admission and discharge process of patients as it optimizes room and bed allocation.

OutPatients: CPAS automates the admission and discharge of patients. The system also gives suggestions for schedules for appointments and surgeries.

Accounting & Invoicing: CPAS can handle invoices and accounting for all patients.

Why Crystal Hospital Management System?

  • Short waiting time
  • Improved communication with patient
  • Enhanced data management
  • Capability to track and optimize hospital activities
  • Unified view of patient information
  • Real-time insight and predictability of ourpatients inpatients, and emergency