Looking for a software application for your business? We offer performance-centric software development solutions designed to help you automate various tasks, save you time, and improve efficiency. We build custom software applications that can

  • Reduce operating costs: No more additional staff for tasks that can be automated
  • Improve operational efficiency: Minimize tasks errors
  • Provide customers with more value: Get customers’ projects done in time

Crystal Technologies prides itself in being one of the leading software development companies in Kenya. We have a history of developing quality business applications that offer our clients more scalability and flexibility to tackle modern business challenges. Our top-notch custom software solutions are designed to help you achieve more.

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Looking for a mobile app for your startup or business? If you’re looking for experts to help you build a custom app that align with your expectations, you are in the right place. We provide iOS and Android app development services so you can keep your brand at your customers’ fingertips.

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We offer a feature rich Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to help you manage your business processes from sales, inventory management, to final reporting. Whether you are a small business or a multi-store enterprise, Crystal Technologies can help you manage your business operations efficiently and standardize your operations for more output.

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We provide Smart Point of Sale System that enables retailers to increase their profits through precise inventory management, quick POS tendering, holistic reports, and more features available in the system. Our POS has a simple and easy to use interface allowing quick learning and input of orders enabling business owners to save time.

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Looking for an online booking management system? We got you covered. We provide a robust online reservation system which will work as you need and help you achieve your objectives. Crystal Tech Booking Management System can be used by any business taking bookings, from restaurants to transport companies.

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We provide a comprehensive Hospital Management System (HMS) that can be deployed and customized for any medical centre or hospital. The system is designed to give your patients the service they anticipate to get in a modern medical institution. Crystal HMS comes with a simple interface and customizable HL7 engine allowing integration with your systems.