Video Surveillance for School Bus

School bus play an essential role in transporting students from home to schools and vice versa. With many parents relying on the buses to take their children to school safely, it’s important for schools to consider the safety of children while in transit. With School Bus Surveillance System, you have a great safety tool to monitor what’s going on in the bus in real time.

The School Bus Surveillance System is a video surveillance system that involves installing and configuring CCTV cameras within the school bus. This ensures school administrators can capture everything going on in the bus, from when students enter the bus to when they alight.

Benefits of School Bus Surveillance System

Protect Students: Surveillance Cameras help you keep an eye on the bus driver at all times and ensure safety rules of the bus are followed. You can also remain updated on the status of the children which makes it possible to track when a student has an issue that may require immediate attention.

Protect Bus: Given the traffic rules set, both the school bus drivers and other motorists have to comply to maintain order and ensure safety. With surveillance cameras, you can identify dangerous driver behavior and motorists that endanger the safety of the children.

Remote Monitoring: With Crystal School Bus Surveillance System, the CCTV cameras records all activities. You can retrieve the footage recorded and review it at the end of the day. This can be helpful in case you need evidence or want to identify issues that should be worked on to improve the safety in the school bus.