Crystal Technologies provides education institutes with customized school solutions ranging from SMS alerts, timetabling software, to school management system. Schools can choose from our wide selection of services to get comprehensive solutions that address their needs.

An expert team of trainers from Crystal Technologies provides in-person training sessions to ensures teachers get full understanding of the solutions.

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Looking for a reliable solution to assist with school management? Crystal technologies provides an all-in-one School Management Software for primary schools, high school, and colleges. This solution is easy to use and comes with robust features designed to make management of school processes such as finance or student management easy.

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We’ve partnered with Untis to provide Kenya’s schools an easy solution to their timetabling problem. With our timetabling software, you can create a balanced timetable within a few minutes. The software is easy to use and comes with advanced features designed to make the timetabling process fast and more accurate.

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Want to keep in touch with teachers or student’s parents? Our SMS alert solutions helps to keep your school connected to important stakeholders. You can send live alerts to students, teachers, and parents. With our SMS solution, you can inform parents about the students’ grades and attendance, remind students of exams and deadlines, send course information, and more.

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With many parents relying on the buses to take their children to school safely, it’s important for schools to consider the safety of children while in transit. With School Bus Surveillance System, you have a great safety tool to monitor what’s going on in the bus in real time.