Internet Banking System

Crystal Technologies Internet Baking Solution is a modern and intuitive platform designed to meet your consumers’ needs. Our solution facilitates retail & corporate banking, and customer portals. With this solution, banks and saccos offer an optimal online banking experience to customers with an interactive online platform.

Our internet banking solution facilitates daily bank/sacco activities such as fund transfers, account summary, loan request, among other financial transactions in real time. The platform can be integrated with core banking systems and channels to reduce cost and enhance accessibility of banking institutions. The solution supports 2 types of transactions:

Financial Transactions: Your customers can send and receive money, pay bills, etc. with the portal.

Non-Financial Transactions: Customers can perform various non-financial operations in the portal such as printing bank statements, checking account balance, etc.

Benefits of Internet Banking Solution

Customer retention: Enhance the banking experience resulting in better customer satisfaction and higher customer retention rates.