At Crystal Technologies, we provide a wide range of digital financial solutions to Kenyan financial institutions aimed at improving access to financial services. Our solutions use innovative technologies such as digital payment platforms and electronic money models to enhance security, accessibility, and reliability.

Our solutions include E-Wallet, Revenue Collection System, Payment Gateway, and Internet Banking Solution.

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E-Wallet solution is a complete platform that allows financial institutions to launch a digital wallet connected to their financial systems. This mobile money solution can enable banks or saccos to make transactions for customers easy and more efficient. With the wallet, users can easily send and receive money.

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Our revenue collection system revolves around making payments by the public to the authority easier and more efficient. The system stores information shared in a secure environment. The system use modern technologies to improve effectiveness of service delivery and payments. With this system, governments at different levels can improve service delivery while cutting down costs.

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We provide an All-in-One Payment Platform specifically designed to cut costs and increase sales by consolidating payment functionality. We provide access to various payment methods such as Visa and MPESA. With dozens of customers trusting Crystal Technologies to process their payments, you can trust us to build a reliable payment gateway for your business.

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More customers want to have more than one channel to transact. With Crystal Technologies Internet Banking Solution, we will provide a comprehensive and secure internet banking solution enabling your customers make transactions seamless. This solution can be integrated into the core banking system, ATM switch, and other third party systems.