At Crystal Technologies, we help businesses and organizations implement security controls through professional services to provide advanced protection. And as data storage in businesses become more critical, it is essential to have the right security measures in place to enable businesses operate optimally.

Partnership to protect Businesses

We’ve partnered with Trend Micro to address the cybersecurity needs of our customers in different industries. Whether you are in manufacturing, agriculture, or energy, Trend Micro solutions have been tested and proven and can meet your critical needs. Additionally, we have a strong team of cybersecurity experts dedicated to deployment of Trend Micro solutions while offering the best customer service possible.

Cybersecurity solutions for all your needs

With Trend Micro as our security partner, we are able to offer advanced security solutions to protect every aspect of your business:

  • Enterprise Security: We secure all your endpoints and attack surfaces to add a layer of protection to your business
  • Security for SMEs: We offer custom solutions tailored to the growing needs of small and medium sized businesses.
  • Security of hybrid cloud: As one of the leading Cloud Security Service Providers, Trend Micro can secure your on-premise and cloud infrastructure from emerging threats.
  • Defense of network: Trend Micro adds a layer of security to your network preventing system compromise.
  • Protection for your users and their devices: We protect your devices and users from the emerging threats.