Is your business prepared for a cyber attack? It’s essential that all businesses understand the consequences of being ill-prepared for a Cyber-Attack. That’s why we’ve partnered with Sophos Group to provide world class cyber security solutions to secure your business.

Advanced Business Security

Sophos Business Security comes with advanced business security designed to remove detected malware automatically or isolate infected devices to prevent more damage. As part of remediating a security problem, the tool isolates compromised devices. If it finds anything malicious, it removes it automatically to eliminate the threat. Additionally, Sophos security tool incorporates synchronized security to enhance threat detection and response times.

Next Generation Protection

Sophos Endpoint takes a new approach to protection which involves blocking malware and infection by identifying and preventing common behaviors used in exploits. Instead of relying on signatures to detect malware, the tool monitors behavior making it easy to detect and eliminate zero-day threats without affecting device performance. This means you get protection before security exploits affect your infrastructure.

Complete Control & Sophisticated Simplicity

With Sophos, you can enforce device, data, or application policies easily courtesy of the seamless integration in the endpoint agent. You get web control category-based web filtering for your network, application control point-and-click blocking of apps, device control managed access for mobile devices and removable media, as well as data control and loss prevention.

Just like your favorite smartphone, Sophos Endpoint Protection delivers advanced functionality with a simple and easy-to-use interface.  It’s easy and quick to deploy from the cloud and on premises. You can also automatically remove third-party endpoint security products.