McAfee Business Security is a popular security solution for SMEs and enterprises. It includes advanced security features including antivirus protection and a built-in firewall.  The antivirus feature protects your business from malware and won’t send false positive notifications. It uses machine learning to identify harmful code which may causes issues on your system or network. And it gives you options to stop malicious software or malware that hasn’t been patched by blocking particular types of behaviors associated with malware.

McAfee is easy to manage which is important for business owners who wants to be in control of the security management. As your business grows and you add more devise, you can easily connect, configure, and monitor them in one place. This software is hosted in the cloud which makes the managing the security of your equipment easier. Also, businesses will incur less cost as they won’t need dedicated IT staff for maintenance. McAfee security comes with a reporting tool which you can use to customize and generate reports on security risks as well as network performance.

At Crystal Tech, we help businesses configure and deploy McAfee security solution. We give you all the help and support you need to secure your IT infrastructure. Our security experts will be available for support and to answer any questions you might have.