Advanced Cybersecurity – Cutting edge security solutions to detect, prevent, respond, and predict cyber attacks. An evolved security solution designed to safeguard businesses, critical infrastructure, and consumers against all kinds of threats.

Cybersecurity services

Kaspersky Cybersecurity services involves a multi-pronged approach to cyber threats. Threat intelligence is the first strategy in this approach that helps in enhancing security controls, delivering Kaspersky’s recent investigations, identifying security loopholes, and providing global visibility into threats.

Security assessment involves penetration testing, application security assessment, payment systems security assessment, ICS security assessment, transportation systems security assessment, and smart technologies and IoT security assessment.

Kaspersky Cybersecurity solution comes with a robust threat hunting tool that continually monitors threats and enables proactive identification of signs of security compromise. It also responds to security incidents identified by completely eliminating the threats and providing a clear picture of the malware targeted.

Kaspersky’s Threat Management and Defense is designed to support your company growth by protecting your infrastructure. It adapts to your organizational security requirements and processes allowing you to develop a unified security methodology for protection against advanced threats.

This solutions comes with a unique combination of cutting-edge security technologies which support implementation of an Adaptive Security Strategy. This can be instrumental in preventing cyber attacks in real time, detect new threats, respond to security incidents, and predict future cyber threats. What’s more the Threat Management and Defense hardens your systems and takes rapid action once a live attack is detected.

Kaspersky Endpoint platform is a robust security platform that safeguards your bottom line. It is an integrated security solution that combines protection, detection, and incident response capabilities based on Next-Gen machine learning technologies and security intelligence to enhance your security infrastructure and boost your risk mitigation capabilities.

The platforms also provides protection for all endpoints (physical, virtual, and cloud-based) managing all of them through one console. This enhances efficiency of the security management and reduces security costs.

If you are running your processes both on the cloud and in your premises, you face a lot of security threats, some of which can cost you a lot. Kasperky’s Hybrid Cloud Security Solution offers a high level multi-layered protection in such an environment. Whether you store sensitive business data in public or private cloud, we offer a perfect combination of agile and robust security that protects your data against the most sophisticated threats without affecting your system performance.

This solution is suitable for addressing security requirements in the Government institutions, Transportation companies, Healthcare organizations, Telecom companies, Retail Companies, and Financial Services sector.

Secure Your Business With The Ultimate Security Tool

Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated and harder to mitigate. Kaspersky Enterprise Security Solutions incorporate all capabilities you need to secure your business from all kinds of threats.

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