Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud platform that can help your business address your data challenges. It gives you the capability to swiftly build, deploy, and manage applications. It comes with a suite of services including storage, networking, data, and computing apps. As a Microsoft Partner, Crystal Technologies can help you migrate to Azure and experience the power of cloud storage.

With Microsoft Azure, you can allow multiple staff members share storage, data, or computing resources while restricting other users. You get the advantage of global reach as people can remotely access data in Microsoft’s scalable, trusted, and reliable cloud. Additionally, you can work efficiently by accessing all Microsoft services you want on one intuitive portal.

Why Choose Microsoft Azure Storage

Fast Management of Apps, Services, and Resources

With Azure, you can easily automate apps, eliminate errors, get support from log analytics, backup, site recovery, and more so you can focus on your applications.

No restrictions on tools, language, or framework

You can build applications with the language, tools, or framework of your choice and use what you are well-versed in. This enables you to quickly turn ideas into solutions and get your business running fast with Azure.

More than 100 Services

Microsoft Azure comes with over integrated 100 services to help you solve challenges and deploy apps with the minimal effort.