Google cloud platform helps businesses modernize their data storage strategy with a cost efficient service. You can do more with data than you used to do before.

Cloud Storage That works

Modernize Your Backup

Having copies of your critical data is key to keeping it safe from disasters. When you back up to Google Cloud Storage, you protect it and save time and money on restoration operations. And with Google Cloud’s powerful features , you can enjoy highly durable offsite storage and instant access to your data.

Durable Data Archiving

When archiving data, you need a secure and compliant storage environment. Google Cloud offers you an affordable, secure, and highly-durable data archiving service. Additionally, you can search the archive to get business insights.

Seamless Scaling

Whether you’re growing your business or launching a new product, Google Cloud Storage scales to meet your business needs.

Foolproof Security

With Google Cloud Platform, your data is safeguarded with a security model built with modern technologies. The platform incorporates replicated storage strategy and encrypts data being transmitted or at rest.

Available whenever needed

Google Cloud Storage ensures you get access of your stored data whenever you need it.