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Cloud technology is one of the best enterprise solutions today as it provides reliable data storage, real-time connectivity, improved cyber security, and a cost-effective IT system. However, ineffective planning, implementation, and runtime checking would lead to compromising situations that would leave your system underperforming and vulnerable to threats.

Crystal Technologies offers cloud technology services in response to security concerns and efficiency concerns in cloud systems deployment. Powered by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud we assure you  effective implementation and real-time efficiency of enterprise’s cloud technology according to the functional requirements of the enterprise.

Each cloud technology system fully cooperates and complies with global security standards and overseen by our certified security experts, who will utilize security protocols to ensure business information and user data are protected from intrusions and leaks.

Data transfers are encrypted through VPN tunnels and HTTPS secured with two-factor authentication. Possible data leaks from mobile devices are effectively handled by our security professionals which reinforces IT policies that are critical in revolutionizing organizational productivity and mobility.