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Cloud Backup Services

Your critical business data can be lost or compromised in different ways. It can cause a minor setback when you have to recreate or retrieve a lost document or disrupt your business operations and harm your brand reputation.

Crystal Technologies’ Cloud backup solutions gives business owners assurance knowing that all their data will be stored in a secure cloud data center. We continuously monitor your data and deploy backup and recovery systems in our facilities to ensure the latest version of your data can be recovered in case disaster happens.

With you cloud backup service, you can enjoy:

Advanced Encryption. We secure your files during transfers and while at rest with advanced encryption algorithms to keep it safe from hackers.

Multiple Redundancy. We store multiple copies of your data on our servers to ensure maximum protection.

Round-the-clock monitoring. We have monitoring programs running throughout to keep tabs on your backups.

Instant recovery. You can restore your data within minutes in case of an incident. Faster disaster recovery ensures you restore your business operations quickly and avoid service disruption.