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Mobile Applications

“Simple elegant apps to elevate your business”

Does your business cater to customers with smartphones? Have you considered how a mobile application can help you improve your customer engagement strategy? With smartphone penetration growing rapidly in Kenya, most of your consumers have access to smartphones and regularly use mobile apps for various purposes. Imagine thousands of them using your app. This means more business and more cash for you in the bank. So have you considered procuring mobile application development service?

What app idea do you have in mind? An ecommerce app? A staff management app? A make-a-task-simpler app? We can help you turn that idea into an elegant mobile app. Crystal Technologies Limited is result-oriented and focuses on helping brands like yours to leverage the power of mobile applications to grow, get better results, and expand their limits. We are the mobile application development partner you need to expand your customer reach via mobile apps.

Are you still doubting how mobile apps can help your business? Let’s see how a mobile app can shoot your brand for the stars:

1. More visibility

Most Kenyans have smartphones. With your app installed on their phones, their eyes are on your brand all the time.

2. More value

Customers want more value for their money. With mobile applications, you can deliver just what they need.

3. Improve brand awareness

If customers like your service, they tell a friend to tell a friend. The same happens when they get the value they want from your app.

4. Stand out from the rest

How many of your competitors have mobile apps? Take the lead in the competition with a custom mobile app for your brand.

5. Effective marketing channel

With a mobile app, you can leverage the power of push notifications to send your customers offers and promotions.

6. Promote customer loyalty

A mobile application enables you to build a sincere and close connection with your customer. Your brand is at their fingertips.


Everything you need right in your hands

Push Notifications

Promote limited time or seasonal offers to incentivise customers to come in.


Send a notification whenever a customer is within a certain radius of your business.

Quick Contact

Buttons to let customers quickly call or send an email to your business.

Social Media

Integrate your social media channels into the app.

Loyalty Program

Encourage repeat business and offer rewards to frequent shoppers.

Product Ordering

Let your customers skip the queue by conveniently ordering on mobile.

Some of our custom mobile apps include:

Restaurant App

Who wants to go to the restaurant when they can get a fresh hot meal delivered right at their work desk? If you are restaurant, you can’t miss out the opportunity of leveraging a mobile app to take and fulfill meal orders to customers near your establishment.

Customer Service App

Everyone hates queueing. People want quick service that meets their needs. The rise of mobile apps has changed how businesses can deliver service. With our mobile application development service, you can get an app to efficiently answer your customers’ queries.

Political Parties App

Take your campaign mobile. Allow your manifesto to be available on people’s devices and make lasting and relevant connections that influence elections. We at Crystal Tech will allow you have to to meet and engage your fans on their mobile devices.

Real Estate App

Crystal Tech we make real estate apps for property organizations that work both for the client and the realtor. An app that allows the realtor find the relevant property while allowing your customer to search for the same listings posted by the realtor all at the convenience of their mobile phones.

Ecommerce App

Recent ecommerce trends have disrupted many industries. If you have a product-based business, it’s about time you joined bandwagon. With an ecommerce app, you get an edge over your competitors, astronomically grow your sales, and enhance customer engagement.

Travel App

If you are a travel company, you know the struggle of maintaining a stable stream of clients. But it doesn’t have to be hectic. With our custom mobile application development service, you can get a travel app that help you to engage your clients and remain at the top of the competition.

Want to edge out your competitors and win more customers?