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Data loss is not a vocabulary to individuals or organizations as it happens more often than you can imagine. Lose of gadgets, data compromise by cyber-attack, or hard-disk getting destroyed…these are just some of the ways you can lose your data.  This is where cloud backup comes to your rescue.

A cloud backup solution is a type of storage solution that helps an Individual or business store data remotely, manage the data and access it at any given moment. These data are stored in such a way that it cannot be compromised under at circumstances given that it is not stored on a tangible device. When we talk about data, we mean any type of data including documents, photos, videos name it.

If you’re still not sure whether or not cloud backup solutions are important for your business, these five key highlights will facilitate your judgement.


Data continuity is a critical part of your business plan. Data loss can be cause by natural disasters, human error, or ransomware. You want to know that if anything happens to your business, you will be able to continue to provide great service to your customers. Cloud storage automatically stores and saves your data in real tie and you can always restore and retrieve it at any given moment in time.

A great cloud storage like Crystal Technologies Limited vendor is one that is reliable, offers data monitoring and ensures your data is secure as accessible.

Budget Friendly

Cloud storage facilities are very affordable and in fact you at liberty to choose your package depending on your need. In most occasions there are packages for personal use, small businesses and big corporates. Cloud storage is cost effective as compared to traditional storage methods. There are no extra charges recovering your data incase its lost. With a nice package, you do not have to worry about running out of space.

Easy To Maintain

With cloud storage, you do not have to stress about maintenance. It is always running on the background backing up your data as often as you allow it. There is nothing to fix or anything to take care of. Cloud storage is easy to maintain, easy to use, effective and allows business continuity.


Cloud storage gives you a great deal of peace of mind knowing that your data is secure no matter what. Cloud storage ensures that your data is encrypted from one transfer end to the other giving security guarantee. All your important data is stored under high security, and no hacker can get into it and steal your data.


If you’re looking for and efficiency storage and reduce operating costs, Crystal Cloud is your best choice. With us, you get world-class cloud infrastructure that ensure security, reliability, availability. Back-up your organization’s data to a secure cloud storage that is accessible to authorized users only.

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