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Have you thought of opening a business or you already have it running and now you are thinking of taking it online? There are so many ways of creating an online presence for your business using a website, social media, online directories, Google My Business – the list is endless. You will need a domain.

Let’s talk about using a website to build online visibility. Before launching your website online, you need to have a domain name which is hosted by a domain registrar like Crystal Host. If you are new to these terms, don’t worry I am going to explain them. A domain name is the name of your website. This is what people type in the browser URL to go to your website. For instant, is the domain name which is the name of the company.

A domain name is registered by a domain registrar. A domain registrar is a company that handles and manages the reservation of domain names. In simple terms, after you have registered your domain name, it is stored and managed by the domain registrar. Crystal Host is one of the domain registrars in Nairobi Kenya.

Now that you have understood what a domain name is and where it is registered, I know you have some follow-up questions, right? Questions like, how do I register my domain? How much would it cost? Which domain registrar do I use? How do I use the domain name? Wonder no more, I am here to help you.

How do I register my domain name?

Step 1.

Think of a few good names that would describe your business. Remember, a unique domain name makes your business easy for customers to remember.

Step 2.

Identify a good and reliable domain registrar like . Do your due diligence before selecting a domain registrar. Make sure they are within your budget, they can offer web hosting services, are reliable, secure and authentic.

Step 3.

You have a potential domain name in your records, now you have to check if it is available. With Crystal Host, it is quite easy. Just type the domain name into search, it will show if the name is available.

Step 4.

If the domain name you selected is available, you are now almost done. Simply select your package, pay for it and within 7 days your domain name will be ready for use.

What can I do with my Domain Name?

If you are not sure what to do after you register your domain name, we are here to help. Domain names can be used to start a website, create company’s branded emails, social media platforms, online directories, google My Business, blogs, YouTube channel and E-commerce site.

A good domain name creates authority and authenticity for your brand. This in return enables your clients to easily build trust in you.

What domain names can I register through crystal host?

Crystal host is an all rounded domain registrar that cares for both big and small businesses locally and internationally. Whether you are a small restaurant, a learning institution, a farmer or an NGO we can register your domain to your preference.

You can register a .com , , , .biz , , among others.


A unique domain name is essential for any business in the online world. It enables you to stand out from the crowd and easily get found in any search engine. With a reliable domain registrar, you are going to have an easy time building your brand online.

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