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The internet has vastly changed how business marketing is done. Since its emergence in the 1990s, the world has been slowly transitioning from traditional marketing to online marketing. This has been mainly influenced by the growing internet penetration in different countries. Kenya is one of the few countries which has experienced a sharp rise of internet users. With more Kenyans online, businesses have to find ways to reach their target audience to boost their sales.
Social media and search engines are the two key platforms leveraged by businesses to market themselves online. These platforms are popular in Kenya and offer business owners an opportunity to build a strong brand presence online and enhance engagement. Efforts made by various big Kenyan brands have brought results which have spurred many other SMEs to enhance their online marketing strategies. One company that has succeeded in pushing its brand online is Safaricom. The company has built a robust presence on social media and its website is one of the top-visited sites in Kenya.
However, there exists confusion about social media marketing mainly on Facebook and website optimization (SEO). The two are key pillars of digital marketing and somehow interdependent. But many still ask, which is the best marketing tool for businesses? Social media (Facebook) or Website?

Let’s check how Facebook fairs against Website in this Infographic.

Facebook or Website: Which is one better? Infographic

As you can see, a website beats Facebook in various aspects core to the success of a business online. However, this does not mean Facebook is not important. In fact, it’s is a necessity if you want to built trust and improve brand visibility. Thus, businesses should leverage both Facebook business pages and website are important in digital marketing. None can replace the other.

A business that wants to boost engagement, get leads, and enhance conversions should leverage the two to win more customers. With Facebook marketing, a brand can build trust, engage with customers, and promote its services and products. On the other hand, a website serves as your virtual storefront giving your customers an insight into your brand and products/service you offer. Remember your website design can make or break your marketing efforts. Therefore, it’s imperative to have a great website design optimized for the user.

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To reap more from your digital marketing, you should use both Facebook and website in your marketing strategy. How can you do that?
For Facebook:
• Create a business page and fill all information
• Add branded graphics such as profile picture and cover photo to enhance the visual outlook
• Regularly post content; at least once per day
• Apply 80/20 rule when posting – 80% of the posts should be informative; the rest should be promotional

For your website:
• Curate helpful content targeting your ideal customer
• Optimize your website for search engines

To integrate the two, you can:
• Post updates on your page linking to your site
• Build landing page on website to convert customers

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