Cyber Security solutions in Kenya


“Robust IT security solutions for cybersecurity-conscious organizations.”

Businesses are exposed to many cyber security risks which can significantly affect their operations. As such, it is imperative for organizations to adopt cyber security solutions to enhance their digital security and mitigate risks.

At Crystal Technologies, we’ve partnered with global cyber security industries to provide world-class enterprise security solutions that safeguard you against cyber threats such as malware, ransomware, etc. At the same time, our solutions comply with your company’s standards and requirements. Our holistic approach to cyber security means you get comprehensive cyber security solutions tailored to address your needs.

Our professional team is able to visualize potential threats and the dangers they pose to your systems. Thereafter, we design cyber security solutions using cutting-edge technology to empower and protect your data, processes, and operations. In addition, we integrate security monitoring technologies to keep you alert of any impending threats.

Given the consistent rise of cybersecurity threats, enterprises need a centralized security approach to protect all endpoints. At Crystal Tech, we offer organizations a superb network security infrastructure that detects and blocks cyber threats in real time. With our end-to-end point security solution, you can secure your organization against myriad sophisticated threats on different devices. This solutions secures your systems by:
– Unifying endpoint security features including compliance, protection, and secure access into a single, lightweight client.
– Automating advanced threat detection and prevention.
– Integrating with the Security infrastructure to provide real-time defense against network threats
– Simplify management and policy enforcement with Enterprise Management Server (EMS).

Most networks have porous exhibits which create security vulnerabilities leaving your systems at risk of cyber threats. Whether you have wireless network, portable storage devices, or linked to partner sites, there are multiple ways data can get in and out of your network. At Crystal Tech, we are dedicated to giving you unmatched perimeter security while simplifying network management. Our security solutions integrate a wide range of network security features which include:

– Firewall and VPN
– Intrusion Prevention and Detection System (IPS & IDS)
– Antispam/Antispyware/Antimalware
– Data Leak Prevention
– Web Filtering

With sensitive and confidential data residing in vulnerable storage places and growing data breach risks consistently growing, the need for advanced data protection solutions has become critical. With Crystal Tech Enterprise Security Solutions, organizations can safeguard their data while maintaining control of their infrastructure. We simply installation and management of your security systems and carry our vulnerability assessment of your infrastructure to provide a custom security solution. Our enterprise security solution incorporates:

– Enterprise Firewall Systems
– Advanced Cloud Security
– Advanced Threat Protection
– Security Monitoring
– Secure Wireless Access
– Application Security