Cybersecurity Solutions in Kenya

Crystal Technologies is a leading cyber security company in Kenya committed to helping businesses secure their IT infrastructure and assets from emerging cyber threats. We offer enterprise cyber security solutions to a wide range of clients. With us, your business is in secure hands.

Crystal Technologies is one of the leading cyber security companies in Kenya dedicated to helping organizations boost their digital security to minimize risks to their operations. We provide enterprise cyber security solutions to dozens of businesses across different industries. We apply best practices and international standards in all our cyber security strategies and solutions. Our security management strategy identifies security vulnerabilities, cleans your IT system, seals all loopholes, creates a defense wall, and continuously monitors your system to mitigate any cyber security risks that arise.

Currently, there are dozens of threats such as malware and Trojan horse that pose a serious threat to many Kenyan businesses. A recent cyber security research revealed that local businesses lose billions to hackers and cyber attacks. These threats are evolving and becoming more potent. That’s why businesses need cyber security solutions to secure their infrastructure from the dynamic and complex cyber threats. At Crystal Technologies, we’ve partnered with global cyber security leaders such as Kaspersky to provide world-class cyber security solutions to keep your business safe and secure 24/7.

We are Different

We are not like other cyber security companies. We focus on your needs to ensure you get value for your money. Through our holistic approach to cyber security, you get comprehensive cyber security solutions tailored to address your needs. Some of our solutions include:

Our Team

We have a highly trained and experienced team with the capability to handle all your organizational security needs. The team can visualize potential threats and the security risks they pose to your systems. Thereafter, we recommend and install cutting-edge cyber security solutions to empower and protect your data, processes, and operations.

Secure Your Business with the Robust Cyber Security Tools.