Award-winning Cyber Security Company in Kenya

Crystal Technologies is a leading cyber security company in Kenya that provides cutting-edge security solutions to help public and private sector organizations mitigate cyber threats. Our mission is to build our clients’ capacity to secure their IT infrastructure and assets from emerging cyber threats. We serve a wide range of local and regional clients ranging from small to corporate companies.

End-to-End Cyber Security Solutions

Many businesses are at risk of cyberattacks and some have become victims losing data, money, and reputation in the process. Lack of proper security solutions and knowledge is to blame for this. And with the number and complexity of cyber attacks in Kenya increasing, you need to rethink how you will safeguard your organization.

As one of the leading cyber security companies in Kenya, Crystal Technologies is setting the standard in the industry by providing complete cyber security solutions designed to address all your security needs. We’ve partnered with global cyber security leaders to provide world-class cyber security solutions to keep your business safe and secure 24/7.

We apply best practices and international standards in all our cyber security solutions and strategies. Our security management strategy identifies security vulnerabilities, cleans your IT system, seals all loopholes, creates a defense wall, and continuously monitors your system to mitigate any cyber security risks that arise.

Kaspersky Cybersecurity for Businesses

The best security makes life easier and operations more efficient for businesses. And with cyber threats increasing in numbers and complexity, you need a security solution to safeguard your data, IT assets, and business operations from cyber threats.

With Kaspersky cybersecurity solution, your business is under 24/7 protection. Kaspersky secures your organization against cyberthreats with robust features designed to monitor, predict, and neutralize threats. Kaspersky cybersecurity for business is easy to deploy and manage for any users regardless of IT skill Level.

Our Kaspersky cybersecurity solutions for business include:

Fortinet Security for Businesses

Often, businesses find themselves without dedicated security resources to effectively prevent cyber threats, making them prime targets for cyberattacks. Fortinet Security solutions for businesses are designed to protect businesses from advanced threats.

Fortinet security is integrated with core infrastructure and security components which ensures all endpoints are protected. Through the tight integration with key security components, Fortinet serves as a unified solution for all network components including firewall, switches, etc. It’s also simple to deploy in different environments making it ideal for all kinds of businesses.

Additionally, with Fortinet, you can apply security to all endpoints to keep them secure and enhance employee productivity. The dedicated threat detection and prevention features in the tool allows business owners to focus on what brings value to their businesses.

Sophos Security for Businesses

Businesses concerned about cyber threats choose Sophos Security because of its wholesome security approach.  This award-winning security product protects businesses everywhere from network, computers, servers, to data in mobile devices and the crown.

Sophos Security solutions comes with advanced security features including artificial intelligence which gives unmatched protection against various threats. And with the combined of automation, security monitoring, and synchronized security, it solves the toughest challenges in cyber security. Also, the solution shares threat intelligence with security components, and can be managed from a centralized interface either on the firewall or endpoint.

For businesses, complete security means less worries about attacks. Business owners can be confident that Sophos Security is safeguarding the data and employees wherever they are working.

Let’s Protect Your Business Data, IT Assets, and Network