networking solutions in kenya


With rapidly growing cloud and data requirements and pushing your IT infrastructure to the limit, it may be time you reconsider your networking strategy.

With a customer-oriented and comprehensive networking solution from Crystal Technologies, you can leverage your infrastructure to improve your operational efficiency. We provide wired and wireless enterprise networking solutions that offer a seamless and stable user experience and address networking issues undermining communication. Our solutions not only allow you to take control of your network infrastructure but also give you the flexibility to integrate new technologies, enhance performance, and cut operating costs.

At Crystal Tech, our focus is to provide robust networking solutions that meet your needs. We deliver simple yet consistent solutions that empower businesses and help them to achieve more. As a Cisco Certified Partner, our solutions leverage cutting-edge technology to help you realize the benefits of networks – scale your business operations without incurring more costs.

Your continually growing communication needs can incur costs if you don’t have a scalable network. However, structured cabling and networking infrastructure can you give greater flexibility to handle customer requirements. As one of the most trusted networking company in Kenya, Crystal Technologies can handle your communication needs with its structured cabling system solutions that integrate both cabling and essential hardware. Our solution offers seamless telephone service and reliable computer network which are key ingredients of a healthy business growth.

Features Include:
– Vertical and horizontal backbone pathways.
– Vertical and horizontal backbone cables.
– Horizontal cables.
– Work area outlets.
– Telecommunications closets

Upgrade your network with new devices with better performance and functionality. You don’t need to stick to a slow or faulty network that undermine your operations. Instead, leverage new network devices that incorporate emerging technology to offer the functionality your business deserves to grow. As one of the leading network equipment supplier, Crystal Technologies can help you enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your network. We’ve partnered with industry leaders such as Cisco to offer your efficient network devices that will enable you to optimize your productivity and have an edge over your competitors.

Our network devices include:

– Switch
– Routers
– Servers
– IP Phones

networking solutions in Kenya

Access to sensitive data by malicious users can ruin your company. What can you do protect yourself? Access Control solutions can help you to secure your information and ensure only authorized people can access it. At Crystal Technologies, we provide advanced access control solutions designed to help control who can access your data and how they can use it. Our solutions are also standard-based and interoperable.

Features Include: 
– Centralized Policy Management.
– Dashboard Device Profile Views.
– Self registration of BYOD Devices.
– Secure guest registration & Access.
– Remote Registration & Auto Provisioning of devices

CCTV Installation

Growing crime rates in Kenya has made security monitoring more critical. Have you thought of installing CCTV security surveillance system in your homestead or workplace? It’s about time you rethink your physical security strategy. As one of the leading CCTV system installation company in Kenya, we are dedicated to enhancing your safety with our robust security systems that are equipped with remote viewing capability. No matter where you are in the world, you can know what’s going on at your place as long as you have internet connection. Over the years, we have provided CCTV surveillance systems to a range of clients including government agencies, corporations, and home owners.

Features include:
– Video recorders (DVR, NVR, Hybrid, Tribrid).
– Surveillance systems.