Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS service is a simple but robust way of reaching your target audience. If you want to engage and convert more customers, Bulk SMS is just what you need. Blast as many messages as you can at the lowest cost.

Bulk SMS is ideal for organizations that seek to reach and impact a large audience at minimal costs. With bulk SMS solutions, such organizations can leverage the power of SMS to connect with thousands of people through persuasive messages. These solutions are ideal for Political parties, Clubs, Government Institutions, Banks, Saccos & Chamas, Research firms, Schools and Colleges. Whether their aim is to increase visibility, build brand awareness, or communicate with people, they all stand to gain.

Crystal Tech BulkBulk SMS Gateway Kenya SMS lets you reach you multiple recipients across the country at the lowest cost possible. You can send hundreds of text messages to all networks in the country. We offer you a simple yet efficient bulk SMS account that you can access from your computer, phone or integrate your systems with our free SMS API. With our bulk SMS solutions, you can effectively reach your target audience and keep them informed.

Why Choose Crystal Tech Bulk SMS

Crystal Tech Bulk SMS solutions stand out from the rest. We have effectively priced our solutions to help our clients reach more clients with minimal costs. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small or large company. Our bulk SMS are the perfect-fit solution even for those with small budgets.

As one of the leading bulk SMS providers in Kenya, we have prioritized customer satisfaction over profits. Your interest and needs come first. We focus on ensuring our SMS solutions help you reach your business objectives – increase visibility and improve engagement.

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