How A Great Web Design Can Help Your Business

A website is the virtual representation of your business. It can make or break your brand. With the sharp rise of smartphone adoption and internet penetration, more people are online than ever before. Most of your customers are online and the only way to reach and engage with them is through a website. It’s not […]

4 reasons Why Kenyan Businesses Need CCTV Cameras

CCTV surveillance cameras have been in use for quite some time and have proved to be beneficial in many ways. For business owners, they are a key asset for keeping an eye on their businesses while they are away. In Kenya, surveillance cameras have come into the limelight with the rising interest for workplace monitoring[…..]

9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Any Web Designing Company

Before you hire a company to design your business website, there are several questions you should ask. You don’t want to burn your fingers by trusting an unprofessional company that ends up delivering mediocre work. This can happen and has happened to those who don’t consider key factors before making an informed decision. Now, while[…..]