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Block incoming threats with proven multi-layered protection, before someone clicks and lets them in. Multiple layers of machine learning-powered email security, including multi-factor heuristics, sandboxing and reputation system for emails and attachments combine to provide reliable protection against even the most complex mail-based attacks. Stopping these attacks before they can exploit your users’ naivety or curiosity dramatically boosts corporate security levels.

How Kaspersky Protects Your Email

Over half of all emails sent are spam

Increase productivity and reduce threats with cloud-assisted, next-generation spam protection. Kaspersky Lab’s cloud-assisted, next-generation anti-spam detects even the most sophisticated, unknown spam with minimal loss of valuable communication due to false positives. Reducing the time, resources and risks associated with spam by stopping it in its tracks saves system and human resources.

Emulative sandboxing

To protect against even the most sophisticated, heavily obfuscated malware, attachments are executed in a safe emulated environment where they are analyzed to ensure dangerous samples aren’t let through into the corporate system.

Integration with Kaspersky Security Network / Kaspersky Private Security Network

Having the most up-to-date threat intelligence is key to prompt blocking of emerging types of spam, phishing and malware. Participation in Kaspersky Security Network allows the solution to receive the most up-to-date threat intelligence, processed from globally acquired data .

Advanced anti-phishing

Kaspersky Lab’s advanced anti-phishing system is based on Neural Networks analysis for effective detection models. With over 1000 criteria used – including pictures, language checks, specific scripting – this cloud-assisted approach is supported by globally acquired data about malicious and phishing URLs to provide protection from both known and unknown/zero-hour phishing emails.

Authenticated email management

Reliable sender authentication mechanisms such as SPF/DKIM/ DMARC help protect against source spoofing. This is especially useful for countering Business Email Compromise (BEC) scenarios.

Specialized business email compromise (BEC) detection. 

A dedicated heuristic model processes a number of indirect indicators, enabling the system to block even the most convincing fake emails. Given the acuteness of this issue today, detection models are regularly reviewed, and new scenarios added.

Attachment filtering

Some types of attachment are too risky to be let inside the corporate security perimeter. Kaspersky’s attachment filtering system allows for the flexible configuration of an attachment delivery policy, and detects multiple types of file disguise commonly used by cybercriminals. These features help reduce the probability of data leaks.

Email categories

Support for a number of pre-configured email categories makes communications filtering easier, again helping to simplify dealing with everyday mail streams and reducing your security risk.


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