“Crystal Technologies Limited helps you scale up your operational efficiency and reduce operating costs with its innovative information and communication solutions.”

We are a leading ICT service and software provider offering complete end-to-end IT and Communication solutions. Our goal is to enable our clients to enhance operational efficiency, spur innovation, cut operating costs, and mitigate risks. We design, develop, and support business applications using the latest technology and standards. With our state-of-art technology assets, stellar team, and strategic partnership with industry leaders, we are fully equipped to handle your IT infrastructure and communication needs. With Crystal Technologies Limited as your partner, you can focus on your growing your business while we handle your infrastructure.

Overview of Crystal Technologies Limited

Crystal Tech was started back in 2012. We recognized the wide gap in the ICT industry and sought to fill it with our custom solutions designed to meet our clients’ needs. Since our inception, our goal has been to provide top-notch ICT solutions that help clients achieve their business objectives. We have worked for big brands and governments institutions you may know such as Somalia Stability Fund, Somalia embassy, Kenyatta University, Huduma Centre, among many others. Our quality solutions have earned us praise and recognition from many of our clients who are satisfied with our work. We’ve remained steadfast in our quest to offer the perfect-fit solutions for all our clients.

Our Mission

Crystal Technologies Limited seeks to provide brands with innovative ICT solutions that makes business easier, less risky, and more effective. With our customer-oriented services, we aim at bettering the operations of our customers and help them achieve brand excellence. We also focus on building relationships and sharing our knowledge on the merits and competitive advantages of emerging technology with our clients.

Crystal Tech Team

We have a stellar team consisting of professionals with vast experience in different fields. Their invaluable contribution and dedication to our mission has driven the company to infinity and beyond. Our success wouldn’t be possible without them. They are the cogs and gears that oil the company’s growth ‘engine’ and drive innovation. Their immense efforts and customer-oriented approach has made Crystal Tech a rock-star in Kenya’s ever-saturated tech industry.

Crystal Technologies Limited

250+ Completed Projects

100+Happy Clients

30+ Return Clients

Why Choose Us?

reliable service
Reliable and Available
We offer reliable and stable solutions that can help companies to scale their efforts to retain their competitive edge and enhance their growth.
Leaders in the Kenyan ICT Industry
Leaders and Experts
We know technology is continually evolving. As such, we are constantly changing to adapt and remain the best. Through our partnership with industry leaders, we continuously learn to enhance our capability to deliver the right solutions.
Customer-oriented company
Producing quality solutions is not enough; our customer’s satisfaction is. That’s why we focus on forging a relationship with our customers to get a better understanding of their needs and continuously collaborate them in order to produce the ideal solution.
high quality solutions
High Quality Solutions
At Crystal Technologies Limited, our top-priority is not only to produce customer-oriented solutions but also give quality. By using the latest technology standards and working with only professionals, customers get what they deserve – a top quality solution that fits their purpose.
24/7 Award Winning Support
Our support team is always available and eager to help our clients on any and every issue that is forwarded to them.
Free Updates Lifetime
Long after providing services for you we keep in touch and offer maintenance to solutions rendered on a regular basis.

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