Afraid of Hackers? 4 Simple Cybersecurity Strategies To Protect Your Organization

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In times where corporates and government agencies are becoming targets of cyber-attacks, hacking seems inevitable. For organizations like yours, this means you are at risk of hackers who are becoming smarter each day. They are adopting new attack tactics which could devastate your business if they found a vulnerability in your IT systems. But there are cybersecurity strategies you can apply to keep your business safe. We’ve got simple and super-smart strategies you can use to keep these bad guys out of your organization.

1. Update your Operating System and software programs

No software is 100% foolproof. With time, hackers find vulnerabilities in systems which they exploit to get access. That’s why software vendors continuously release updates to keep their programs secure and functional.

By regularly updating your programs and operating system, you get extra protection as existing vulnerabilities are closed denying hackers a loophole they can exploit. So if you have an outdated program, make sure you get the latest updates to make it more secure.

2. Get a Security Program

Software updates are not enough to prevent the various tactics hackers use to get unauthorized access to systems. Often, they use malware, spyware, among other exploits to bypass your security defense. To prevent this, you need an updated security program with multiple technologies to curb these threats.

There are various security programs you can consider such as Kaspersky, Fortinet, Sophos, among others. These programs are designed to cater to the cybersecurity needs of businesses. With one in place, you can be confident your business data, IT assets, and operations are secure.

3. Create Smart Passwords

Weak passwords are one of the major vulnerability that hackers employ to get into business systems. A research conducted showed that millions of people use ‘123456’ as their password. Others use passwords that are easy to guess such as their birth date. Your employees could be using such putting your company at risk of hackers.

To eliminate the risk of weak passwords, you should emphasize employees and management to create strong passwords that are not easy to crack. The best way to approach this is by creating and implementing a password policy across the company to provide guidelines for staff when creating passwords.

4.Practice Smart Emailing

Email is still a hacker’s favorite tool. Why? It’s cheap, easy to use, and often yields results. Hackers just need an email blasting program to create and send a malicious email to your inbox. This intent of these emails is to collect data such as your login information. Many come with a link which redirects to a malicious site.

While it’s easy for security experts to detect such emails, many unknowledgeable staff members are likely to become victims posing a threat to your organizational security. You can prevent this by conducting a security awareness training aimed at helping them differentiate legit emails from phishing emails. They can do so by checking the sender, text information, or the link attached.

Hackers pose a great threat to businesses and could ruin them if they do not have measures in place to counter their activities. With the cybersecurity strategies mentioned above and others, you can harden your security defense against hackers to keep your data and operations safe.

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