4 reasons Why Kenyan Businesses Need CCTV Cameras

CCTV surveillance cameras have been in use for quite some time and have proved to be beneficial in many ways. For business owners, they are a key asset for keeping an eye on their businesses while they are away.
In Kenya, surveillance cameras have come into the limelight with the rising interest for workplace monitoring technology. But beyond monitoring, do the CCTV cameras have any concrete benefits to businesses. Let’s see what businesses can gain by installing them.

1. Reduce and prevent crimes within business premises

With more criminals targeting business premises, CCTV cameras are a key security tool that can help to fight this menace. They can capture all activities happening within and around your business which makes them a good deterrent for scaring off criminals who may want to invade your business. This can help you reduce the risk of theft and damages arising from such crimes.

2. Improve employee productivity and performance

While some argue employee monitoring is unnecessary and uncomfortable, it is still paramount in assessing employee performance and behaviour. Surveillance cameras within your premises can encourage employees to work to their fullest capabilities boosting their productivity and company output. They also encourage good behaviour in the workplace which is critical to the success of your business.

3. Help in mitigation of safety incidents

Safety incidents such as accidents in the workplace can happen anytime. But with surveillance cameras, you can mitigate some of them and reduce the damage costs. They allow you to monitor the workplace, identity safety risks, and fix them before the worst happens. You can also detect incidents such as fire and respond in time to prevent a full-scale disaster that can cost your business millions.

4. Capture and provide evidence for investigation

CCTV Cameras installed in a Business Premise
CCTV Cameras installed in a Business Premise

CCTV cameras are a perfect tool for gathering evidence. In case your business is targeted by criminals, they can capture activities going on which provide material to help in the investigation. You may have heard of cameras that have captured faces of criminals and helped the police in identifying and apprehending them. Also, they can record activities within the workplace which can help to resolve business disputes that arise.

If you’ve not installed CCTV surveillance cameras in your business premises, you lack an important risk mitigation tool that can help you keep your business safe and more productive. But we can help you get a robust surveillance system to keep watch of your business while you are away.

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